Social Media and Marketing

Team Description

The Social Media & Marketing Team functions on multiple social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & WordPress) to advertise SMASH and other mental health & wellness related information through texts, images, infographics, and videos. The Social Media & Marketing Team advertises not only SMASH events and initiatives, but also other Ryerson mental health & wellness related events, initiatives, and services, positive messages of encouragement and support, etc.

Team Goals

  • To use social media to break down stigmas, raise awareness, and facilitate education among the Ryerson community about mental health and wellness.
  • To promote our organization (including brand recognition) within the Ryerson community.
  • To collaborate with different organizations and offices on Ryerson (such as RSU student groups, and offices like Centre for Student Development & Counselling) in order to advertise and promote our organization and events.

Team Members

Social Media & Marketing Director: Ilhan Farah

Social Media & Marketing Associates: Olivia Brinksman, Bethany Libby, Asad Malek, Sophia Chea, Rupneet Mangat, Steph Sinclair, and Hetvi Ghandi