President and Co-Vice Presidents

Team Discription

The President and Co-Vice Presidents ensure the team’s collective functionality and efficiency in order to achieve the organization’s yearly goals, missions, and vision. This includes oversight, delegation, and assistance with communication, collaborations within and outside of the SMASH, public relations etc. Additionally, they perform necessary tasks such as recruitment, training, operational command, problem solving etc.

Additionally, the President and Co-Vice Presidents are responsible for actioning the organization’s vision and missions, first, within the SMASH team and then, within the Ryerson community. The reasoning is that we must support ourselves before we can support others.

Team Goals

  • To promote and assist with functionality and collaboration between the SMASH teams in efforts to achieve our SMASH vision and missions for our Ryerson community. E.g. oversight and facilitation of communication & collaboration, creation and facilitation of organizational and team goals that target our vision & missions, create and implement sustainable team infrastructure, etc.
  • To promote wellness as a priority within the team, such as by instituting check-ins & check-outs during meetings that focus on team members’ experiences, feelings, self-care, and opportunities for support and resources. I.e. see how the team member is doing as a person, and not just as a team member of SMASH.
  • To put into action the SMASH vision and missions within our SMASH team. I.e. promote and facilitate an environment within SMASH that is welcoming, supportive, non-judgemental, and inclusive to ultimately promote and support the wellness and growth of our team members.

Team Members

President: Einav Talia Simoni
Co-Vice Presidents: Anita Wu and Karan Sharma