Meet the Team



Einav Simoni | Executive Member | President


As a nursing student, Einav has a passion for healthcare and community support. In addition to SMASH, she is the Recruitment Executive of Ryerson’s Student Emergency Response Team (RyeSERT), a student mentor with TMP, a community volunteer with Evergreen Hospice, and a Clinical Aid at Woodbridge Medical Centre FHT.

Katrina Ferrari | Executive Member | Social Media and Marketing Director


Katrina is a fourth year Creative Industries student at Ryerson. She’s dedicated the past 3 years to helping SMASH members feel welcome and informed in the Ryerson community.

Hoda Mahdi | Executive Member | ‘If You Really Knew Me’ Events Director


With a background in nursing, Hoda pursues a career within public health and epidemiology in which she can advocate for policy change. As an academic scholar and community leader, Hoda has received the 2013 TD Scholarship, and continued to grow within TD Bank as a Customer Service Representative & Bank Teller (2014), a Recruiter (2015), and a Community Relations employee (2016). She passionately believes in growth and open-mindedness, as evidenced by her position as a Delegate at the 2014 Ryerson TEDx Conference. In addition, Hoda stays active as a member of her community soccer team.

Elizabeth McAteer | Executive Member | Events Coordinator, Addictions Outreach


Originally from Montreal, Elizabeth relocated to Toronto three years ago to pursue her passion for nursing at Ryerson University. Now a fourth year student, she dedicates most of her academic efforts to learning and gaining experience in the mental health community with the hopes of reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and improving experiences in the health care setting.

Emily Duffy | Executive Member | Community Outreach


Emily is a third year Social Work student. She loves music, books, farmers’ markets, and coffee. She also has a weakness for scented candles. She can usually be found rushing along Gould Street with her headphones on and a coffee in her hand.

Rajeeha Siddiqui | Executive Member | Social Justice Outreach


Rajeeha is currently a Ryerson Nutrition Student. She holds experience in social-justice projects relating to poverty, racialized, indigenous, women, the LGBTQ community, and religious minorities. Rajeeha has a passion to support marginalized communities in Toronto; to help overcome the stereotypes and negative associations that impact an individual’s mental well-being.

2016/2017 SMASH TEAM


Jeff Varghese
Jade West

Social Media and Marketing Team

Ilhan Farah
Olivia Brinksman
Bethany Libby

Resource Team

Christina Mutschler
Linda Joseph
Stephanie Luciani

Finance Team

Shaad Ramzan
Anita Wu

Event Planning Team Associates

Elinor Friedman
Tavneet Sandhu
Rachel Pavan
Gabriel Burgman
Jeremy Alpuerto
Reah Shi

Event Planning Volunteers

Cole Bisson
Joshin Marriott
Alex Vinogradov
Chantelle Dacunha
Thuvaaraha Ambalavanan
Karyn (Liz) Singh
Emily Duffy

This is My Story (TIMS) Associates

Jessica Rong
Nilofar Mohammad
Jillian Braga
Sara Nenada

This is My Story (TIMS) (Facilitators and Volunteers)

Aramita Demelo
Ryann Maure
Daniela Bragagnolo
Reah Shi
Kathryn Wallace
Alex Krivtchenok
Girishna Satgunathevan
Ayda Zokai
Yoditt Getachew
Juri Jaatatien
Anita Wu
Silvana Gjonej
Lavinia Trifoi
Javeria Maqsood
Scarlett Lavan
Lily Trieu


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