Team Description

The Finance Team is responsible for finding, securing, and managing funds; including, but not limited to, RSU budget, RSU trust, internal grants (Ryerson) and external grants (outside of Ryerson). The funds are to enable other SMASH teams to fully perform their functions in alignment with SMASH’s vision and missions.

Team Goals

  • To manage all funds
  • To develop & maintain a database for applicable internal and external grants in order to fund SMASH events and initiatives
  • To maintain the efficiency of the cheque requisition process by ensuring that cheque requisitions are submitted as soon as possible
  • To keep communications open and ensure that issues (e.g. communication misunderstandings) which arise are addressed in a timely manner

Team Members

Finance Co-Directors: Shaad Ramzan and Anita Wu

Finance Associates: Simran Rattan and Raisa Mahmud