Team Description

The Event Planning Team creates, organizes, and directs enjoyable events, in alignment with the SMASH vision of increasing awareness and support for mental health and wellness at Ryerson University.

Team Goals

  • To create, organize, and direct SMASH events that students want to be involved/participate in.
  • To host, This Is My Story, which aims to break the stigma and increase the sense of community through sharing lived experiences.
  • To break down stigmas, raise awareness, and educate the Ryerson community about mental health and wellness while creating positive environments during SMASH events.
  • To foster a welcoming, non-judgemental, and inclusive community by providing and facilitating student peer-to-peer support during SMASH events.  

Team Members

Event Planning Co-Directors: Tavneet Sandhu and Jeremy Alpuerto

Event Planning Associate Members: Elinor Fridman, Rachel Pavan, Reah Shin, Nilofar Mohammad, Vanessa Mainella, Gavin Tran, Calandra Muller, Andy Zhang, Alexander Krivchenok, and Asma Choudhry

Event Facilitators: Aramita Demelo, Ryann Maure, Daniela Bragagnolo, Kathryn Wallace, Emily Duffy, Javeria Maqsood, Scarlett Lavan, Sara Nenada, Kirushiya Vimalachandran, Nina Cabaguio, Sarah McLay, Mili Patel, Laura Prikosovich, Ellie Reef, Arvind Dhaliwal, Jessica Dionigi, Rachel-Ann Bermingham, Maria Tuyen Vu, Olivia Kellam, Harshmeeta Neb, Megaera McClement, Victoria O. Atteh, Cole Bisson, Joshin Marriott, Chantelle Dacunha, Elizabeth Narvali, Janine M. Hylands, Samiha Yusuf, and Alex Krivtchenok