Team Description

The Education Team is made up of SMASH volunteers who are passionate about promoting mental health education and access to resources for Ryerson students. The team focuses on the compilation and distribution of mental health education across campus. These resources include those found within Ryerson and those in the greater community.  

Team Goals

  • To build a resource guide, outlining resources from Ryerson and the community.
  • To gather and disseminate education about mental health, including factual information about mental illness, treatment options, and skills that students can use themselves.
  • To develop a blog that will assist in the dissemination of the resources and information.
  • To collaborate extensively with the Outreach Team in order to disseminate the education and resources in an effective manner.

Team Members

Education Co-Directors: Christina Mutschler and Rajeeha Siddiqui
Education Associates: Jina Rew, Caroline Howard, Bailee Malivoire, and Nuzat Karim