Crystal Meditation

Free, bi-weekly crystal meditation in the RAC studio 2 with Reah & Rachel hosted by SMASH. All are welcome, regardless of your experience with crystal meditation.

We will spend approximately 50 minutes of mediation by using the energy of crystals, love, and peace followed by a short 5-10 minute chat of your experiences afterward. Feel free to stop by and leave anytime you wish.

There will be yoga mats to sit on, so you do not need to bring anything but your open heart. However, if you want the extra comfort, bring your pillows/blankets/towels. You are always welcome to bring your own crystals in order to enhance your relationships with them.

Audience: The sessions are open to all Ryerson community members

Fall Events: October 16th 2-3 pm, October 30th 2-3pm, November 13th 2-3pm, November 27th 2-3pm, December 11th 2-3pm