What does SMASH do?

SMASH is a mental health and well-being student group at Ryeson Unthat is created by students for students. SMASH hosts a variety of events like Chill Sessions and This Is My Story that facilitate peer-to-peer support and that increase awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing. SMASH also hosts events that provide education and advocacy like Mental Health 101 and Mental Health Talks.

Vision Statement

SMASH’s vision is to increase mental health awareness and support in a post-secondary environment through student peer-to-peer support.

Mission Statement

  1. SMASH’s vision is to increase awareness and support for mental health and wellness at Ryerson University. Mission Statements
  2. To break down stigmas and raise awareness about mental health and wellness by educating and sharing resources in the Ryerson community.
  3. To foster a welcoming, non-judgemental, and inclusive community by providing and facilitating student peer-to-peer support. To advocate for a more supportive learning environment at Ryerson University, including improved accessibility of resources.

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